Owners of Microfilms

As there is no one register in Finland with the information on microfilms of church archives owned by different archives, libraries and genealogical associations, the Genealogical Society of Finland has started one as a part of the "Miniprojekti".

It is possible to search owners of the microfilms using it's id (e.g. JK 789). The database provides you with information on where to ask for a microfilm, the terms of use and borrowing, etc. The database is also designed to enhance cooperation in lending microfilms between different archives and libraries.

The database is based on information received from individual genealogists and owners of microfilms. The database is updated regularly.

The majority of microfilms included in the database are microfilms of church archives. Information on microfilms of other resource material, is welcome in the database, too.

The following information is required:

  • name of the archive, library or association
  • terms of use and borrowing
  • list of the films (signums)

Please send us the information either by email: Miniprojekti, by fax: +359 9 278 1199, or by post Genealogical Society of Finland, Liisankatu 16 A, 00170 Helsinki, Finland